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Who is This Guy?

Husband to my amazing wife and father of two adorable kids (at least I think so), I call Dallas, Texas my home. "Ya'll" hasn't always been a staple of my vocabulary, as I grew up in Colorado and moved to Texas in 2001. While I miss the scenery, snow, and the option to do anything and everything outdoors; I love the friendliness and entreprenurial spirit found in 'Big-D'.

My love for all-things-web began in college while working on my Computer Information Systems degree. I quickly discovered that while my education was a good foundation, none of the professors knew much about web development. Personal exploration and education in the area reaped a much greater harvest of information. My passion quickly grew into a profession after accepting an internship with Lockheed Martin my senior year of college.

My first "official" job out of college was at a small web design/development firm in Dallas. I learned how to work with clients who wanted a web presence for their small business and grew my technical experience learning new programming languages and techniques. In 2003 my wife and I moved to Austin, Texas to serve on staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. As a "Technical Specialist" for our regional office I managed a small data center, repaired workstations and laptops, and made time for web projects whenever possible. My enthusiasm for building great web apps wasn't being excercised to the degree I had hoped so we moved back to Dallas to be closer to family and pursue more internet centric career possibilities.

In 2005 my wife and I arrived back in Dallas where we bought our first home and I began work at a nearby software company. In the years since I've gained invaluable leadership and technical experience. I've been fortunate to work with cutting-edge technologies that constantly stretch my brain; All with a great team of peers who push me to continually improve at what I do.

Cruise around my site, check out my blog, or drop me a line if you like. I always enjoy meeting new people and exploring exciting opportunities. Follow me on Twitter and you'll quickly get a sense of my other interests which include my faith, politics, and a myriad of other crazy things on my mind.